The Great White Chief and the Indian Messiah

The Great White Chief and the Indian Messiah

By: Pierce, Norman C.

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Brand new softcover book! ; This account of the Great White Chief, Echa Tah Echa Nah, was first published in 1960, in Los Angeles by Mother Mary, who says that she received it from an Indian. It appears to be a first person account of two explorers or archaeologists, who are brothers and who do not identify themselves any further than as Paul and I, except to say that they are of Indian blood, and that their parents lived in Chinle, Arizona, in Navajo country. We are impressed by the great similarity of this story to the one given us by Natoni Nezbah, also a Navajo, which received wide circulation in 1945, both in manuscript and printed form. We did not publish that story. It just went on its own by being copied and re-copied, until finally someone published it.; 5.5" x 8.25"; 115 pages;

Title: The Great White Chief and the Indian Messiah

Author Name: Pierce, Norman C.

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Publisher: Old Pioneer Press: 2014

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Condition: New

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