UNDERSTANDING ADAM-GOD TEACHINGS - A Comprehensive Resource of Adam - God Materials

UNDERSTANDING ADAM-GOD TEACHINGS - A Comprehensive Resource of Adam - God Materials

By: Briney, Drew

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; This is THE DEFINITIVE WORK on this obscure subject, taught and testified to by most of the early leaders from 1852 - 1877, then removed from the public view and taught secretly in the LDS Temples from 1877 until around 1900. These crucial doctrines on deity have been hidden and denied by the LDS Church for over a Century and yet there are hundreds of pages of verifiable statements that prove otherwise in this new book. While Bruce R. McConkie labeled Adam-God teachings as one of the seven deadly heresies, Eliza R. Snow (plural wife of Joseph Smith) heralded this teaching as "the most important revelation ever oracled. " In a very organized and readable manner, this book presents EVERY STATEMENT EVER MADE about ADAM GOD teachings by the early brethren. The author separates his commentary from these statements so YOU CAN BE THE JUDGE and you can decide what Brigham Young really meant when he said "Adam is our Father and our God. " Some of the subjects covered - Adam as God the Father - Adam as Father of Our Spirits - Adam as Father of Christ - Eve as the Mother of all Living - Eve as a Plural Wife during this Probation - Eve as a Plural Wife in the Eternities - Mary Sealed to Adam - Adam and Eve: Immortal and Exalted Before the FallAdam and Eve Not Formed from the Dust of this Earth - Adam and Eve Knew they would Fall - Does the Atonement Pertain to Adam and Eve? - Becoming an Adam/Eve - Gods Continually Learn and Progress - Who is Jehovah? - Did Joseph Smith Introduce Adam-God Teachings? - Was Brigham Young Misquoted? - Was Brigham Young Just Speculating? THIS IS NOT AN ANTI-MORMON BOOK - The author notes that the two purposes are to "provide a comprehensive doctrinal resource for the interested reader to study Adam-God teachings within a sensitive reading environment, " and "to explore the implications of Adam-God teachings from a doctrinal perspective. " There is no agenda to either persuade or dissuade the reader on their current belief in this area, but simply to present facts - statements as they were published and approved by the early brethren.

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Title: UNDERSTANDING ADAM-GOD TEACHINGS - A Comprehensive Resource of Adam - God Materials

Author Name: Briney, Drew

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Publisher: Published By the Author: 2005

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