Visualizing the Book of Mormon Chronology (DVD)

Visualizing the Book of Mormon Chronology (DVD)

By: Meldrum, Rod

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; As you read the Book of Mormon, do you ever wonder what the landscapes traveled by Nephi, Mormon and Moroni might have looked like? Wouldnt it be amazing if you could follow the entire history of the Nephite saga, its chronology, from Lehis arrival on the shores of the Promised Land to Nephis journey up into the wilderness to lead his people in righteousness? Or from Almas departure out of the Land of Nephi to the land of Helam and onward to the great city of Zarahemla? Or traverse the plains of the Nephites between Zarahemla and the Land Bountiful to visit the sacred temple where the Savior appeared two thousand years ago to the righteous Nephites? What if you could stand atop the actual hill Cumorah from which Mormon and Moroni witnessed hordes of Lamanite warriors as they brought about the final destruction of their people? Join Book of Mormon scholar and best-selling author Rod Meldrum for the adventure of a lifetime as he takes you on an inspirational visual journey of discovery following the course of the Nephite nation from their humble beginnings in the Land of First Inheritance, to the rise of Zarahemla in their Heartland, and on to their prideful destruction at Cumorah. Using the latest research and aerial video drone technologies, youll be able to visualize, like never before, the sacred lands of the Book of Mormon, as well as what happened to the Lamanites following the Nephite extermination. Youll have, for the first time ever, an eagles eye view of the Mississippian ceremonial complexes of Georgia, the enigmatic Serpent Mound in Ohio, visually stunning photographs and video of sacred temples and Church History sites as you discover the hidden beauty of this sacred Promised Land of America the stunningly beautiful lands of the Book of Mormon!


Title: Visualizing the Book of Mormon Chronology (DVD)

Author Name: Meldrum, Rod

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Publisher: Firm Foundation: 2016

Binding: DVD

Condition: New

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