An Experiment on the Word

An Experiment on the Word

By: Miller, Adam S.

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An Experiment on the Word: Reading Alma 32 is based on a novel idea: that Mormons do theology. Doing theology is different from weighing history, deciding doctrine, or inspiring devotion. Theology speculates. It experiments with questions and advances hypotheses. It tests new angles and pulls loose threads. It reads old texts in careful and creative ways. The Mormon Theology Seminar aims to promote such work. The Seminar is scholarly in orientation and cooperative in practice. It focuses on organizing short-term, seminar-style collaborations that, over the span of a few months of intense discussion, consider specific questions about Mormon theology through close readings of basic Mormon texts.

In 2008, six scholars focused on Alma 32. Their papers addressed questions like these:

*What does Alma 32 teach us about exercising faith?
*What does Alma mean by "the word," and why is it so central to faith?
*How can the textual, historical, and political contexts of Alma 32 shape our understanding of Alma's teachings?

Their answers will surprise and enlighten you.

Table of Contents

Series Introduction
An Experiment on the Word: Introduction By Adam S. Miller
Desiring to Believe: Wisdom and Political Power By James E. Faulconer
You Must Needs Say that the Word is Good By Adam S. Miller
It Is Well that Ye are Cast Out: Alma 32 and Eden By Jenny Webb
Faith, Hope, and Charity: Alma and Joseph Smith By Joseph M. Spencer
So Shall My Word Be: Reading Alma 32 through Isaiah 55 By Julie M. Smith
Faith and Commodification By Robert Couch


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Title: An Experiment on the Word

Author Name: Miller, Adam S.

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Publisher: Maxwell Institute: 2014

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