The Light of Ancient America - Volume 1 Signs & Wonders

The Light of Ancient America - Volume 1 Signs & Wonders

By: Wright, Gary T.

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; Have you ever wondered how the star of Bethlehem affected the people living in the Western Hemisphere? Certainly they saw it but did they know what it meant? Who were they and how did they come to be in the Western Hemisphere? What were they like? Did they know anything about the Messiah?

The Light of Ancient America answers these questions and more. Volume One, Signs & Wonders, is an intriguing narrative that details some of the most important events that took place in ancient America at the time of Christ s birth.

The story is told through the eyes of two half brothers who take different paths in life, leading them to opposing roles that have drastic consequences for ancient America. Gidgiddoni wants to defend and promote liberty and his religion while Jacob seeks to destroy them and make himself king. The conflict that ensues pits these historic leaders against each other in a tale of intrigue, romance, revenge and personal triumph.

The conflict escalates into a dark crisis when a ruthless extermination decree threatens to wipe out religion in ancient America. Will the extermination take place? What can possibly stop it? Will Jacob become king?

The answers to these questions constitute a moving portrayal of the epic struggle between good and evil that actually transpired in the Western Hemisphere just before the star of Bethlehem dominated its night skies. Volume One of The Light of Ancient America is the gripping story that brings this heart-wrenching struggle to life.

; Vol. 1; 6" x 9"; 0974586072

Title: The Light of Ancient America - Volume 1 Signs & Wonders

Author Name: Wright, Gary T.

Categories: Other,

Publisher: Sounds of Zion: 2009

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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