Show and Tell, A Unique Journey Through History From the Life of Brent Ashworth

Show and Tell, A Unique Journey Through History From the Life of Brent Ashworth

By: Fieldsted, Traci McFarland & Brent Ashworth

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; Brent Ashworth's life of collecting documents, memorabilia, and artifacts from American, LDS and World History is documented in this large full color beautiful book. With a million items in his collection, the book contains color photographs such as the William Bradford Calvin Bible brought to America on the Mayflower in 1620, Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and Emma Smith's Family Bible, letters from the Founding Fathers, one to his chaplain from George Washington in which he credits Divine providence for winning American Independence in 1783, a letter from Abraham Lincoln giving advice to a girl who had asked him to write in her album prior to his run for the presidency in 1859, Butch Cassidy's last known letter written from Bolivia prior to the shoot out in 1908, General George S. Patton's toe tag proving his death was not part of a conspiracy, Amelia Earhart's flight jacket and goggles she gave to a South American aviatrix, and a letter of sixteen year old Norma Jean Mortensen (Marilyn Monroe) in which she tells a friend she may try her luck in becoming a commercial model. These are just a few of the items pictured and discussed.There is also an entire section of the book devoted to his 1980s involvement and victimization by the notorious forger and murderer Mark Hofmann, as well as his law school brush with Ted Bundy and his work on several murder cases as a prosecutor and later as a top business lawyer for several corporations. He also relates some of his personal, family and public service experience over the years. This unique volume includes about 40 QR Codes so you can watch video interviews of Brent discussing some of the historical highlights in his collection. There is a link to 500+ such interviews in process of being added in future years. Glenn Beck contributed the Introduction and describes Brent Ashworth a "National Treasure". Timothy Ballard added that "Brent Ashworth's collection is incomparable."

; 8.5" x 11"; 336 pages; 189071898X

Title: Show and Tell, A Unique Journey Through History From the Life of Brent Ashworth

Author Name: Fieldsted, Traci McFarland & Brent Ashworth

Categories: U. S. History, Mormon:;Collectible, Rare and Collectible, Biography,

Publisher: United States OF America, Eborn Books: 2017

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New in New Dust Jacket

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