10 Principles with Promise - The Parable of the Swingset

10 Principles with Promise - The Parable of the Swingset

By: Robison, Lindon J.

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; Several years ago, our oldest son, decided to build a large swing set and locate it on our stake farm in order to complete his requirements to become an Eagle Scout. He purchased large supporting beams and cross pieces and with the help of his friends and family he planned, measured, sawed, drilled holes, attached chains, transported the entire set of materials to our stake farm. There he assembled the swing set where, for several years it served well its purpose. While parents volunteered on the farm, their children played on the swing set. Many families enjoyed its benefits. Years after the Eagle project had been completed, the stake farm was sold and the swing set was relocated to the Latter-day Saint housing complex adjacent to the campus of Michigan State University. At the complex, children of the married students living there enjoyed endless hours swing and playing on the swing set. In the meantime our oldest son graduated from high school, completed an honorable mission in Southern Utah, married his high school sweetheart, and enrolled at Michigan State University. Soon he and his wife moved into the Latter-day Saint housing complex where their first child, Austin, was born. Shortly after they moved, I had an occasion to visit our son and his family at the housing complex. I found our son and daughter-in-law at the play ground located in back of their apartment. Austin was happily swinging on our son's Eagle Scout project. What goes around comes around. Indeed, the circumstances of our lives create a series of connecting circles. We may never know when or how these connections will be made but we can be assured that by learning and living the correct principles of the gospel "that which [we] do send out shall return unto [us] again, and be restored" (Alma 41: 15). This hopeful message reminds us that God is in charge and that all things, including justice and mercy will be held in perfect balance one day. When asked how he governed his people, Joseph Smith replied: I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves. 1 But what is a gospel principle? Are some principles more important, more general than others? And which principles are essential for self-government? 10 Principles with Promise begins by noting that there are at least three different kinds of principles: principles that describe, principles that define, and principles that connect outcomes to past, present, and future actions. It is this third kind of principle that is sometimes referred to as a principle with promise and is the focus of this book. Filled with humor and insights from his own experiences, Brother Robison uses familiar sources and personal experiences, including the parable of the swing set, to describe ten principles with promise. The Book of Mormon prophet Alma taught his one time wayward son Corianton about principles with promise when he declared that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored (Alma 41: 15). Join Brother Robison in an exciting study of ten principles with promise that include the principles of restoration, progress, temperance, attraction, conformity, separation, faith, abundance, charity, and at-one-ment. These principles are key in successfully navigating lifes challenges whatever our circumstances. Under-standing these principles is necessary to ensure that we govern ourselves well and lead happy, productive, peace-filled lives. This lively discussion about correct principles and their promised blessings is an essential addition to any gospel library. 1. Quoted by John Taylor, Millennial Star, 15, November 1851, p. 339.

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Title: 10 Principles with Promise - The Parable of the Swingset

Author Name: Robison, Lindon J.

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Publisher: Orem, UT, Granite Publishers, Inc: 2005

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Condition: New in New Dust Jacket

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