Teachings of the Doctrine of Eternal Lives

Teachings of the Doctrine of Eternal Lives

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Brand new softcover book! ++ ++ ; Teachings of the Doctrine of Eternal Lives speaks in a language that will not necessarily ring with a common note of familiarity to most modern inquirers, though prior generations of Latter-day Saints would have heard these words with greater frequency, and our earliest pioneer fore-bearers would have been intimately acquainted with the teachings of these doctrines as espoused by that generation of apostles and prophets.

Our modern Mormon compendium lacks a great deal of the initial restorative and declarative truths founded and established in the early years of the Restoration. Though lost from contemporary Mormon erudition, these greater salvational doctrines are collected from scripture and teachings of the earlier Restoration prophets and presented here to the reader, as a view into the world which the first adherents of Mormonism embraced with fervor and alacrity.

Not insignificantly, as astute an observer as Hugh Nibley noted and taught these wondrous doctrines often through his illustrious career. His observations (among others) too are presented to the reader as an additional modern witness to the defining doctrines of the Latter-day Restoration.

This book contains some things to consider as they originally appeared in their own words, from the scriptures, and teachings and writings of the Prophets, Apostles, and LDS Scholars.

Why Anonymously written?:
The author writes: "When asked why I published this book anonymously, the answer is very simple. These sacred things were transmitted by God to His Prophets and Apostles through the gift and power of revelation, and they are a gift from God to man. The prophets and apostles in turn shared their deepest knowing, testimonies, and insights regarding the signal and salient points of salvational truth, which God had revealed to them. This really has nothing to do with me, thus the necessary anonymity. These are not my words, rather, they are the words of Heaven, distilled for our eternal benefit, and brought together here from a lifetime of study and research. Any claim to originality of authorship regarding this material, would in my opinion, distract from the purpose of sharing these wondrous things." ; 6" x 9"; 425 pages

Title: Teachings of the Doctrine of Eternal Lives

Author Name: Anonymous

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Publisher: Digital Legend Press: 2011

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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