Celestial Masonry of Motherhood - Including the Trinity of Motherhood. Eliza R. Snow

Celestial Masonry of Motherhood - Including the Trinity of Motherhood. Eliza R. Snow

By: Dye, David (editor)

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Brand new softcover pamphlet! ; Known as the 'Prophetess,' Eliza R. Snow did as much for early Mormon theology in relation to our Mother-in-Heaven as did any male leader of the Church.
This booklet, taken from the book 'The Women of Mormondom' by Edward Tullidge, addresses the interesting, and even vital, topic of a Mother in Heaven.
Some interesting quotes included in this booklet include:
Revelation on Women Received by Women: Joseph endowed the church with the genesis of a grand theology, and Brigham has reared the colossal fabric of a new civilization; but woman herself must sing of her celestial origin, and her relationship to the majesty of creation.
Worship of God the Father and the Mother: An archangel proclamation that! Henceforth shall the mother half of creation be worshipped with that of the God-Father; and in that worship woman, by the very association of ideas, shall be exalted in the coming civilization.
Hierarcy of Spirits: Brightest among these spirits, and nearest in the circle to our Father and Mother in heaven (the Father being Adam) , were Seth, Enock, Noah and Abraham, Moses David, and Jesus Christ indeed that glorious cohort of men and women, whose lives have left immortal records in the world's history. Among these the Mormon faith would rank Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and their compeers.
Adam, or Michael, is the Father of our Spirits: These are the sons and daughters of Adam - the Ancient of Days - the Father and God of the whole human family. These are the sons and daughters of Michael, who is Adam, the father of the spirits of all our race.
A Grand Order of Saviors: Moreover, Jesus is one of a grand order of Saviours. Every world has its distinctive Saviour, and every dispensation its Christ.
Celestial Masonry: There is a glorious Masonic scheme among the Gods.
Heiress of the Gods: Woman is heiress of the Gods. She is joint heir with her elder brother, Jesus the Christ; but she inherits from her God-Father and her God-Mother.
New Revelation: Our Mother in heaven is decidedly a new revelation, as beautiful and delicate to the masculine sense of the race as it is just and exalting to the feminine. It is the woman's own revelation. Not even did Jesus proclaim to the world the revelation of our Mother in heaven - co-existant and co-equal with the eternal Father. This was left, among the unrevealed truths, to the present age, when it would seem the woman is destined by Providence to become very much the oracle of a new and peculiar civilization.
The Trinity of Mothers: A trinity of Mothers - Eve the Mother of a world; Sarah the Mother of the covenant; Zion the Mother of celestial sons and daughters - the Mother of the new creation of Messiah's reign, which shall give to earth the crown of her glory and the cup of joy all her ages of travail. ; The FIG Project Series; 5.5" x 8.5"; 14 pages

Title: Celestial Masonry of Motherhood - Including the Trinity of Motherhood. Eliza R. Snow

Author Name: Dye, David (editor)

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Publisher: Hindsight Publications: 2009

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