The Testimony of Mary Lightner - BYU Devotional 1905

The Testimony of Mary Lightner - BYU Devotional 1905

By: Dye, David (editor)

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Brand new softcover pamphlet! ; Though of little fame, Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner played a vital role during the early days of the Church. Personally befriended by the Prophet Joseph, his family, and the other leading brethren, she was a first-hand witness and participant in many of the atrocities inflicted on the Saints. More than once she and her non-member husband were the means of relieving suffering for many of the Saints.
One of the most brave, and important, acts she committed was when the mobs destroyed the printing press on which the first Book of Commandments was published. At 14 years of age, she and her sister ran into the streets and gathered all of the strewn pages that she could, tucking them in her dress and running into a cornfield when the mobs discovered what she was doing. She lay still until they had passed. She was later presented with a Book of Commandments as a token of thanks.
She was also sealed for eternity to the Prophet Joseph. She recounts her spiritual witness of this being God's will, having been visited by an angel. Brigham Young sealed them. Additionally, she tells of other women who were also sealed to the Prophet, and even recounts knowing of three of his children who were born to women other than Emma, but who went by different names so as to hide their identity.
The history recounted in this 30-page booklet is amazing: witnessing Bishop Partridge being tarred and feathered; working for and living with Lilburn W. Boggs; smuggling gunpowder for the Saints; the Huan's Mill massacre; talking down a mob; being struck by lightning; losing two sons to poisoning, and nearly dying herself; traveling on steamboats with soldiers from the civil war; traveling across the plains; seeing Joseph, Hyrum, and Heber C. Kimbal as spirits, etc. , etc. , etc.
What a fascinating part of Church history that is inspiring, faith building, and a treat to read. ; The FIG Project Series; 5.5" x 8.5"; 32 pages

Title: The Testimony of Mary Lightner - BYU Devotional 1905

Author Name: Dye, David (editor)

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Publisher: Hindsight Publications: 2009

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