The Coming Crisis - How to Meet It

The Coming Crisis - How to Meet It

By: Dye, David (editor)

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Brand new softcover pamphlet! ; A GREAT and awful crisis is at hand - such a crisis was never known before since the foundation of the world. All nations are looking throught the misty future, in order to decry, if possible, what is about to happen.
The Powers of Satan
Perhaps you will be disappointed, if I tell you that the time is coming, and now is, when, not only God, the Highest of all, shall be revealed in spirit and mighty power, but the Devil or Satan also, will be revealed in signs and wonders, and in mighty deeds! This, reader, is the great key to all the marvelous events that are to transpire shortly upon the earth.
The Vehicles of Satan's Influence
It is not to be expected that Satan will carry on his great warfare against Christ and His Saints, by means of any one religion exclusively.
Truths are Vehemently Denied and Evil is Called Good
Notwithstanding there is much preaching and praying, still there is a virtual acknowledgment amongst all nations that God, as he was known unto the Patriarchs and Prophets of old, has forsaken the earth. And men are left to discover the way to heaven by the light of nature, or the misty nebulae of a hireling Priesthood.
Delusions will Abound Without the Spirit
And who shall be able to withstand? Do you think that your great sagacity and the compass of you profound, philosophical turn of mind will enable you to detect the error and delusion of these arts? Oh, man, this is a vain hope. Your mind will not be competent to detect the delusion. God Himself will allow Satan to ply your scrutinizing eye with powers and sophistications far beyond your capacity to detect.
Personal Revelation is Vital
You cannot know God without present revelation. Did you ever think of this most solemn and essential truth, before?
Marriage will be given up for Sexual Abominations
And further, when you see also the gross and beastly sexual abominations that are practiced and are increasing among all nations, without shame or fear, you will not marvel that God is determined to raise up a righteous seed and glorious branch, by re-establishing the Patriarchal Order, as in the days of Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, and Elkanah.
The Pure and Obedient to Get Revelations
Now there are several ways in which the pure and obedient get revelations. It will be your privilege in due time to become acquainted with these various ways. One way is, through the inspiration of the spirit. ; The FIG Project Series; 5.5" x 8.5"; 15 pages

Title: The Coming Crisis - How to Meet It

Author Name: Dye, David (editor)

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Publisher: Hindsight Publications: 2009

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