Recollections of a Prophet - Pres. Joseph F. Smith December 23, 1894

Recollections of a Prophet - Pres. Joseph F. Smith December 23, 1894

By: Dye, David (editor)

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Brand new softcover book! ; Fifty years after the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith, there was a special birthday commemoration for him held in Salt Lake, with the blessing and presence of Joseph F. Smith, a nephew, who would later become the sixth President of the Church. At this landmark meeting, a number of people who personally knew the Prophet told of experiences which they had with him, both social & spiritual. Also at this meeting, Joseph F. Smith requested that the Saints continue the celebration of Joseph Smith's birthday.
There were a number of interesting points made during this meeting. Joseph F. Smith indicated that although there had been a number of people who had seen Joseph Smith in vision since his martyrdom, that he wanted only those who actually knew Joseph in the flesh to speak. Most of those who spoke testified of hearing Brigham Young 'transform' into Joseph whilst he (Brigham) was speaking to the Saints followoing the death of Joseph.
One of the speakers said that the Saints of Joseph's day could not believe that he (Joseph) could be killed. Whilst most of the townspeople were in shock over the news, the Nauvoo Legion was preparing to hunt down the killers and take their lives. Only divine intervention stopped them.
One of the bretheren, in speaking with David Whitmer years after the death of Joseph, said that Br. Whitmer maintained that Emma's signature on the affidavit that Joseph did NOT live plural marriage was a forgery; Emma knew that Joseph lived plural marriage.
Some rather interesting stories were told of Joseph, like when he literally kicked a man out of his home who was being disrespectful. Some told of Joseph coming back to Nauvoo with his brother Hyrum after 'escaping' to Iowa because some of Joseph's 'friends' were saying that Joseph was a coward.
It is interesting to note that Joseph F. Smith taught that Christ was born on April 6, and not on December 25th, as is celebrated on an erroneous date.
To gain a deeper appreciation and understainding of the Prophet Joseph, this is a must read discourse, and one which you will go back to time and again. ; The FIG Project Series; 5.5" x 8.5"; 21 pages

Title: Recollections of a Prophet - Pres. Joseph F. Smith December 23, 1894

Author Name: Dye, David (editor)

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Publisher: Mona, Utah, Hindsight Publications: 2009

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