Voices for Equality; Ordain Women and Resurgent Mormon Feminism

Voices for Equality; Ordain Women and Resurgent Mormon Feminism

By: Shepherd, Gordon & Lavina Fielding Anderson & Gary Shepherd

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; The inexorable movement toward gender equality in the modern world has taken root in the consciousness of many Latter-day Saints and has publicly emerged as a major concern for the LDS Church. Spearheaded by a new generation of internet-savvy feminists, equality issues in Mormonism attained high public visibility in 2013 through online profiles posted by the Ordain Women organization and its plea to Church authorities to pray about an expanded role for LDS women. The June 2014 excommunication of OW co-founder Kate Kelly generated increased international media attention. This volume is the first book to provide a comprehensive examination of these issues and is based on chapters written by both scholars and activists. Its twenty-five authors explore in detail theological debates about gender and priesthood authority, the historical and cultural context of these debates, and the current role played by lay activists seeking to stimulate change in the Church.

Contributors to the Volume:
Preface: Lavina Fielding Anderson - The Contemporary LDS Church at a Crossroads on Gender Issues in the Twenty-First Century
1. Lorie Winder Stromberg - The Birth of Ordain Women: The Personal Becomes Political
2. Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd - Conflict and Change in Closed and Open Systems: The Case of the LDS Church
3. Boyd Jay Petersen - The Greatest Glory of True Womanhood: Eve and the Construction of Mormon Gender Identity

4. Janice Allred - LDS Gender Theology: A Feminist Perspective5. Kristy Money and Rolf Straubhaar - Egalitarian Marriage in a Patriarchal Church
6. J. Sumerau and Ryan Cragun - Trans-forming Mormonism: Transgender Perspectives on Priesthood Ordination and Gender
7. Margaret M. Toscano - Retrieving the Keys: Historical Milestones in LDS Womens Quest for Priesthood Ordination
8. Mary Ellen Robertson - Ecclesiastical Equality: Womens Progress in Contemporary Churches
9. Robin Kincaid Linkhart - Ordination of Women: The Community of Christ Story
10. Gregory A. Prince - Organizational and Doctrinal Change in a Prophetic Religious Tradition
11. Robert A. Rees - Disciplinary Councils: Excommunication and Community in the Modern Church
12. Nadine McCombs Hansen - Church Discipline and the Excommunication of Kate Kelly
13. Courtney L. Rabada and Kristine L. Haglund - The Great Lever: Women and Changing Mission Culture in Contemporary Mormonism
14. Brent D. Beal, Heather K. Olson Beal, and S. Matthew Stearmer - An Insider Account of the Mormon Gender Issues Survey: Why We Did It and Why a Vocal Minority Hated It
15. Ryan T. Cragun and Michael Nielsen - The Mormon Gender Issues Survey: A Quantitative Analysis of U.S. Respondents
16. Nancy Ross, Jessica Finnigan, Heather K. Olson Beal, Kristy Money, Amber Choruby Whiteley, and Caitlin Carroll - Finding the Middle Ground: Negotiating Mormonism and Gender
17. Jessica Finnigan and Nancy Ross - Mormon Feminists in Social Media: A Story of Community and Education
18. Gary Shepherd and Gordon Shepherd - What Ordain Women Profiles Tell Us about Mormon Womens Hopes and Discontents
19. Debra Elaine Jenson - From the Kotel to the Square: The Rhetoric of Religious Feminism Epilogue: Gordon Shepherd and Gary Shepherd - Prospects for the Ordination of LDS Women 397in the Twenty-first Century
Appendix: Pamela A. Shepherd, compiler - Bibliography of Media Stories January 1, 2013December 31, 2014 on Mormon/LDS Women, Ordain Women, and Kate Kelly

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Title: Voices for Equality; Ordain Women and Resurgent Mormon Feminism

Author Name: Shepherd, Gordon & Lavina Fielding Anderson & Gary Shepherd

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Publisher: Greg Kofford Books, Inc.: 2015

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