Book of Mormon Evidence Series - Vol 2 - 6 DVD Disk Series

Book of Mormon Evidence Series - Vol 2 - 6 DVD Disk Series

By: Meldrum, Rod

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Brand New DVD. 6 DVD Disk Series with over 8 hours of Exciting New Evidences! ++ ; 6 DVD Series Info for Website, with questions. Book of Mormon Evidence II

The new 6 DVD disk series, titled Book of Mormon Evidence II, contains some of the most profound and powerful evidences for the Book of Mormonand it is ALL coming from non-Mormon sources! Included in the series you will find the following disks. See below for additional content.

Disk 1: Book of Mormon Lands Size Comparisons & The Phoenicia Expedition
Disk 2: What Caused the Destruction at the Time of Christ?
Disk 3: Book of Mormon Metallurgy Evidence
Disk 4: Hebrew in the Heartland
Disk 5: Petroglyphs of Ancient Israel and America (interview with Dr. James R. Harris)
Disk 6: Serpent Mound Mysteries (interview with Ross Hamilton) & Iron Age America (interview with William Conner)

Disk 1:
Book of Mormon Lands Size Comparison
How large (or small) were the lands of the Book of Mormon?
You will see a comparison between the two prevailing Book of Mormon geography theories (Heartland and Mesoamerica) with the route thought to have been taken by Lehis family down the Saudi Arabian peninsula.
How long did it take Lehis family to travel to the land Bountiful?
How far was that journey in comparison with the overall size of proposed Book of Mormon lands in the Americas?
How limited were Book of Mormon lands according to the text?
How far did Book of Mormon peoples spread upon their lands?

The Phoenicia Expedition
Has Lehis ocean voyage now been discovered and substantiated?
Once you see this presentation youll be asking, Why isnt this front page news! For the first time since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon there is direct, incontrovertible evidence supporting the Book of Mormons claim of a voyage from the Saudi Arabian peninsula to the Americas. A recently completed oceanic expedition in a 600 B.C. wooden sailing ship has provided astounding new understandings for Lehis voyage to the Americas. It was patterned after remnants of ancient Phoenician ships, known to have made the first circumnavigations of Africa in the same era as Lehis voyage. Could there be any correlations?

What kind of ship did Nephi build and how long did it take to build it?
What time of year did they leave?
Which direction did they sail?
What happened along the voyage?
How long would the voyage have taken?
When would they have arrived on the Promised Land?

Disk 2:
What caused the destruction at the time of Christ?
Was the destruction at the time of Christ's death caused by a volcanic eruption as has been speculated by some Book of Mormon geography scholars, or is there another explanation? Amazing new research has uncovered incredible parallels between the eye-witness accounts of the Book of Mormon prophets and the eye-witness observations of those who suffered through a sequence of earthquakes in the heartland of America in 1811 and 1812. Together we will compare the scriptural account with the History Channels Earthquake in the Heartland documentary and authoritative accounts by those who were there! It is nothing short of amazing.

What textual evidence exists that the destruction was volcanic in nature?
How was the destruction described by the ancient prophets?
What caused the three days of darkness?
When did the Nephites gather at the temple in Bountiful?
Why couldnt some Nephites light fires, while other Nephite cities were entirely burned?
Did an event similar to that witnessed in 1811-1812 occur near the time of Christ?

Disk 3:
Book of Mormon Metallurgy Evidence
Is there evidence for Book of Mormon metallurgy and swords?
You will be treated to witnessing artifacts recovered from archaeological excavations proving the use of gold, copper, silver, lead and even iron and steel, just as claimed by the prophets of the Book of Mormon. What about swords? You will read accounts by the first settlers to the Heartland region of just such finds. What about smelting? Youll learn of the new book by William Conner in which he uncovers evidence for ancient iron and copper smelting in the Ohio River valley, and see for yourself the evidence from Hopewell mounds from which much of this evidence has come forth.

Are there ores of gold, silver, copper and iron in the Heartland of North America?
Is there any evidence for metal smelting anciently?
What artifacts exist that show ancient metallurgy?
How was Laban's sword described?
Did Nephites make similar swords?
Has any iron or steel swords been recovered in America's Heartland?

Disk 4:
Hebrew in the Heartland!
One of the most profound research involves the recent petrographic examination, using scattering electron microscopy (SEM), of a stone recovered by the Smithsonian Institute in an official archaeological dig in 1889 in Tennessee. It has undergone rigorous scientific examination and has now been verified and authenticated by secular non-Mormon sources to be an ancient form of Hebrew! Fox News commentator Glenn Beck exclaimed he was blown away by this incredible new research and you will be blown away by the translation of the stones inscription! This level of evidence is unprecedented and has never been found anywhere outside of the Heartland Model Geography. Every member of the Church should know about this finding because of its profound importance in supporting the claims of the Book of Mormon. You don't want to miss this presentation and information as it is the first ever recorded instance, since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, of Hebrew language dating into Book of Mormon time frames being found anywhere in the Americas. The fact that is was found in a Hopewell burial mound in Americas heartland and dates squarely into Book of Mormon time frames makes it one of the most profound evidences in support of the Book of Mormon that has ever been found. Come learn more at this conference!

What languages were used by Book of Mormon prophets and people?
Is there any evidence of these languages in ancient North America?
Are there indications of the use of these languages during Book of Mormon time frames?
What evidence exists of Hebrew or Egyptian written language in America's Heartland?

Disk 5:
Petroglyphs of Ancient Israel and America (interview with Dr. James R. Harris)
Commissioned for many years to study the antiquities of the state of Israel and to locate and catalog ancient inscriptions in the Negev region of the Holy Land, Dr. James R. Harris became one of the foremost experts on the subject. Dr. Harris became one of a handful of interpreters of these ancient petroglyphs. Upon his return home to the United States, he found that many petroglyphs in the Desert Southwest, in Americas Heartland and also in Central America had certain similaritiesand could be deciphered! He set about translating these American petroglyphs and found surprising correlations between them and those of ancient Israel. Could there be a connection? He published his findings in a book outlining called The Name of God from the Sinai to the American Southwest. This one hour interview explores the research of Dr. Harris which lends support to the claims of the Book of Mormon.

Disk 6:
Serpent Mound Mysteries (Presentation by Ross Hamilton) & Iron Age America (Interview with William Conner)
Ancient and full of mysteries, the great Serpent Mound of southern Ohio has been an enigma to Native Americans and Europeans alike for centuries. Because of his intense attraction to the site over his entire lifetime, Ross Hamilton has grown to be one of the worlds foremost experts on its origins, history, archaeology, symbology, astronomy and cosmology. Those who have seen this presentation, given on location at Serpent Mounds visitors center, remark that it is incredibly deep and illustrates the cosmic importance of this site and the sacred knowledge of the ancients who built it. Not a Mormon yet a deeply spiritual person, Hamiltons findings provide insights into the complexity of the Mound Builders and their potential connection to the Book of Mormon and Adamic peoples.

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Title: Book of Mormon Evidence Series - Vol 2 - 6 DVD Disk Series

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