Precious Memories - Faith Promoting Series Vol 16

Precious Memories - Faith Promoting Series Vol 16

By: Lambert, George C.

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; (Volume 16) From THE SUFFERING AND SERVICE OF THOMAS BRIGGS: "They called upon President Wilford Woodruff, who was then in charge of the St. George Temple on the same day. After he had endorsed their recommends, Thomas explained to him his condition, and asked whether he should keep the bandage on his leg or remove it. Brother Woodruff remained silent for a while as if communing with the Lord, and then told him to come to the temple early the following morning and to remove the bandage.

"Thomas recognized the St. George Temple as soon as he saw it for it was the building he had seen in his dream. When he entered the temple, the scene was enacted that he had witnessed in the interior, although he had said nothing to anyone about the dream.

"They worked in the temple the entire week. Each day Thomas removed the bandage from his leg when he entered the temple as he had been advised and noticed with both interest and gratitude to the Lord that there was no discharge whatever from the ulcers. Strangely, however, when he left the temple in the afternoon each day, the oozing recurred and continued until he entered the temple on the following day. Nor did he suffer any pain while in the temple.

"After finishing the work for all the dead whose names and genealogies they had, they drove out on their return journey a few miles and camped. That night, soon after Thomas had retired to rest in his bed under the wagon, his mother appeared to him.

"'You have made a mistake in my genealogy,' she said. 'You have given the date upon which I was married instead of the date of my birth; but you need not go back now, as some of the family will soon come here, and then you can have the error corrected.'

"She disappeared when Thomas was about to embrace her . . . ."

This is a remarkable account of sacrifice, spirituality and miracles and appropriately placed in the FAITH-PROMOTING SERIES ; Faith Promoting Series Series; Vol. 16; 6" x 9"; 97 pages; 1930679955

Title: Precious Memories - Faith Promoting Series Vol 16

Author Name: Lambert, George C.

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Publisher: Heber City, Utah, Archive Publishers: 2008

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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