Standing the Test of Time - Science Proving Scripture

Standing the Test of Time - Science Proving Scripture

By: Wright, Gary T.

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Brand new softcover book! ; In 1976, Elder Ezra Taft Benson prophesied that the book Man: His Origin and Destiny, written by Elder Joseph Fielding Smith to refute evolution, would stand the test of time. Standing the Test of Time fulfills that prophecy by providing you with a solid scientific foundation for answering some of lifes deepest spiritual and scientific questions.

The evolution of man has been a topic of debate among Church educators, members, and General Authorities since the early 1900s. The debate continues today. Where do you stand on this important matter? Do you accept mainstream sciences theory of the origin of life? Are you offended when told that you evolved from chimpanzees?

This book reveals groundbreaking science that effectively disproves the theories of atheistic science that have monopolized public education for nearly a century. The author tackles vital questions such as

Why does mainstream science insist there is no God who created life on earth when common sense dictates otherwise?
Are there real fossils of pre-Adam transitional humans? If so, how certain is the science behind them?
Does evolution, as proposed by Charles Darwin, truly happen? If so, is there irrefutable scientific proof that it does?
Since dinosaur soft tissues with red blood cells intact have been discovered recently, when did dinosaurs really live?
What was responsible for the earths geologic and fossil records, and what scientific evidence backs it up?
How much water is inside the earth and how does it impact geology?

If you presently subscribe to the theory of evolution, and you are unwilling carefully examine that position in light of the latest scientific breakthroughs and/or if you are unwilling to "follow the data" to its natural conclusion and would rather cling to outdated and tired theories of human evolution, this book is definitely not for you!

This book is written for those willing to test the theories that have dominated mainstream education for the last century and ask, "Where is the evidence? Can the Theories stand up to actual scientific inquiry and analysis of today's sophisticated measurement tools?

If you will read this book with an open and critical mind, doing your own homework, and verifying the writer's facts and references yourself, you will no longer subscribe to the theory of evolution as it has been presented for the past 100 years.

Go back, return to the scriptures and the prophets they have proven accurate yet again! You can trust the authority of God's Word.

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Title: Standing the Test of Time - Science Proving Scripture

Author Name: Wright, Gary T.

Categories: Science and Religion,

Publisher: Latter-day Legends: 2014

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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