Called to War - Dawn of the Mormon Battalion

Called to War - Dawn of the Mormon Battalion

By: Fleek, Col. Sherman L.

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Brand new softcover book! ++ ; Crossing the Iowa plains in 1846, the Barlow family, recent British converts to the Mormon faith, struggle to become pioneers while trying to maintain their class values of English landed-gentry amongst dynamics of their new life in the new world. Eighteen-year-olds Arthur and York Barlow, identical twins outwardly but very different in mind and temperament, face the difficult choice of serving in war as the Mormons leaders require, or remain steadfast to personal values of not serving in war instilled by their handsome, well-bred English widowed mother, Victoria Barlow. Victoria also confronts the choice to unite her family or choose love from among two suitors; one actively seeks her hand and the other, a church leader, she secretly desires. The climax is when Victoria Barlow is cast adrift in the midst of the great Mormon exodus while her sons feud and separate on their own journeys of military service.

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Title: Called to War - Dawn of the Mormon Battalion

Author Name: Fleek, Col. Sherman L.

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Publisher: New York, Digital Legend: 2010

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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