An Everlasting Decree - Ensuring a Title to Liberty for the Promised Land

An Everlasting Decree - Ensuring a Title to Liberty for the Promised Land

By: Porter, B. H.

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; The Book of Mormon records four specific migrations to the promised land; the Jaredites, the Mulekites, the Lehites, and finally the Gentiles, all of them led by the Lord himself. It is specifically for this group that the records was compiled and written. Whereupon it was hidden up for the 'scattered remnant' and for the 'Gentiles' who would inherit the same land as prophesied. Within this record are the restrictions and stipulations placed upon all those who are so blessed to live in the chosen land, as well as the attendant blessing of freedom and liberty.

Many will say that it doesn't matter where the Book of Mormon took place. However, if the promised land cannot be indentified, then the associated restricitons, blessings, and responsibilities can also not be realized, nor can the prophecies and promises in the text become a moving force, as hoped for my the prophets who speak to us out of the dust. The location of the promised land is significant and necessary for the spiritual security and temporal salvation of those who would dwell upon the land. Heeding the central messages of the Book of Mormon is the only hope for man. This sacred book of scripture contains not only the the story of the "Everlasting Decree," but actually becomes, in the hands of every honest reader, the title to Liberty for the Promised Land. ; 6" x 9"; 332 pages; An Everlasting Decree by Bruce Porter 332pg. paperback book (6 x 9 inch)" Ensuring a Title of Liberty for the Promised Land" This new book by Bruce Porter will examine the message in the Book of Mormon regarding it as being the "deed restriction" for the promised land, how this message is connected to the land and how it dictates the way for us to maintain the Freedoms that have been set up by God. This Message is directed to all those who will inhabit the "Promised Land" in the Latter Days.; 0985136103

Title: An Everlasting Decree - Ensuring a Title to Liberty for the Promised Land

Author Name: Porter, B. H.

Categories: Religion, Christianity, Ancient Americas / Christ in America, Christ in America / Book of Mormon Lands,

Publisher: Salt Lake City, UT, Digital Legend Press and Publishing, Latter-day Legends: 2012

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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