Discoveries in Chiasmus - A Pattern in All Things

Discoveries in Chiasmus - A Pattern in All Things

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; Chiasmus can be identified in the sciences and the arts. It is easily observed in a multitude ofplaces in the human body. It is audible to the most rudimentary music student. How could this be if it isonly a Hebraic literary pattern? How can chiasmus be so rampant throughout literature, nature, and thescriptures with those restraints? The only answer would be that it would be a medium that would be in allthings, and through all things. It would have to be something that conveys light.

If this is a theory, then it remains to be seen whether you will hold that same belief by the timeyou have finished the examples contained in this book. Perhaps you will have a paradigm shift of majorproportions.

It is up to the reader to prove or disprove the belief that if there is a pattern in all things, that this IS the pattern in all things, for all things testify of Christ. May your journey be an adventure to you, that you will recognize the signs and indicators, and ride the high seas of discovery. ; 0.5 x 11 x 8.5 Inches; 239 pages; 9781937735104

Title: Discoveries in Chiasmus - A Pattern in All Things

Author Name: Bent, Yvonne (Compiler) And Denver Snuffer And Greg Carlston And Scott L. Vanatter & Jared R. Demke

Categories: Book of Mormon, Chiasmus, Denver Snuffer,

Publisher: Digital Legend Press: 2011

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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