Exploring Mormon Thought - Vol 2 - The Problems with Theism and the Love of God

Exploring Mormon Thought - Vol 2 - The Problems with Theism and the Love of God

By: Ostler, Blake T.

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Brand New! ; In volume 2 of the three volume series, Exploring Mormon Thought: The Problems of Theism and the Love of God, Blake Ostler explores issues related to soteriology, or the theory of salvation. He argues that the commitment that God loves us and respects our dignity as persons entails that God must leave us free to choose whether to have a saving relationship with him. He explores the logic of love and argues that the LDS doctrine of a war in heaven embodies the commitment that God leaves us free to choose whether to enter into relationship with God. He explores the nature of inter-personal prayer and the contributions of LDS beliefs to a robust prayer dialogue. He offers a view consistent with LDS commitments that makes sense out of asking God to assist others, to alter the natural environment and to grow in relationship with God. Ostler also argues that in LDS thought ethical principals are not simply commands or grounded in Gods immutable nature. He rejects the traditional view that grounds all moral principals in God and argues that moral obligation arises in-between persons. He argues that the traditional view cannot makes sense of moral obligation and develops an agape or theory of love as the basis of ethics. He argues that ethical obligation arises from the requirements necessary for the mutual realization of our shared divine nature. Ostler also explores the nature of sin in LDS thought and the conditions that give rise to a sinful condition. He argues that sin arises from the creation of an ego that turns on itself to be absorbed in self-concern as to how it appears to others. He develops a theory of original sin based upon self-betrayal and self-deception. He also argues that self-deception is the primary concern of Paul and the James in the New Testament and that Paul develops a theory of grace to answer the concern of the self-deceived belief that we need to justify ourselves before others by our own righteousness. He also argues that James develops an idea of faith and justification that arises from a self-deceived Paulinism that uses grace as an excuse to sin. ; Vol. 2; 6.25" x 9.25"; 516 pages; 1589580958

Title: Exploring Mormon Thought - Vol 2 - The Problems with Theism and the Love of God

Author Name: Ostler, Blake T.

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Publisher: Salt Lake City, UT, Greg Kofford Books: 2006

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Condition: New in New Dust Jacket

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