The Marriage of Christ - Sacred L. D. S. Teachings

The Marriage of Christ - Sacred L. D. S. Teachings

By: Dye, David

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Brand new softcover book! ; Dan Brown's novel, The DaVinci Code, has created a fervor among the people of the world. And why is this so? It's only fiction, false, something made up! And yet the book has been a best-seller for years. To say nothing of the movie!
What is it about this work of fiction that so seems to stir our souls? Is it more than how the words are put together? Is it the subject matter itself that is so extremely intriguing? This seems to be the general consensus among the scholars and lay people alike.
This small book is not a book review of Brown's book. Nor is it a rebuttal of what is found in his book. Additionally, it is not a review of a book written by three BYU professors, What DaVinci Didn't Know: An LDS Perspective.
What this small book does is present to the reader some of the source (original) statements made by LDS leaders on the marriage of Christ. Tapping into early conference talks, journal entries, and letters, the question, "Was Christ married?" is explored.
I have read, and re-read What DaVinci Didn't Know: An LDS Perspective. I find the work of these three BYU professors well thought out and extremely interesting. And yet, they only mentioned references from LDS Church leaders on the marriage of Christ, but did not quote any of their sources. Being naturally inquisitive, I did some exploration work on my own, and the result of what I have uncovered is this book!
It appears to me that there are plenty & enough authoritative sources stating that Christ was married, that He was probably married plurally, and that He had children, for it to be something that is worthy of much thought and prayer. When a statement is made to a group of general authorities, in a Temple, that there are descendants of Christ in the audience, then this ought to give all of us something to consider! ; 6" x 9"; 189 pages

Title: The Marriage of Christ - Sacred L. D. S. Teachings

Author Name: Dye, David

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Publisher: David Dye: 2007

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