Why We Practice Plural Marriage - By Mormon Wife and Mother, Helen Mar Whitney.

Why We Practice Plural Marriage - By Mormon Wife and Mother, Helen Mar Whitney.

By: Dye, David A. and Helen Mar Whiyney

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Brand new softcover book! By Mormon Wife and Mother, Helen Mar Whitney. Originally Published by the Juvenile Instructors office, 1884, Plus other Important Discourses & Writings on the subject of Celestial Marriage.

; As a clinical social worker who has spent countless hours with couples in marital therapy, I have seen firsthand the awful situation that our marriages and thus our homes, our family, & our society is in. It's all about 'me' and only figuratively about 'you.' We have become self-serving to the degree that we cannot see that even our best efforts to serve others have at their core a 'me' attitude. But, although this is the case doesn't mean that it has to be so. There is a way to remove the 'blinders' which limit our vision. The principle is to become humble. And one of the mechanisms for encouraging this humbleness is to consider that an eternal principle of the gospel, and one which is equally as effective for both men and women, is the principle of celestial plural marriage. Found within the pages or this book are one books, four chapters or articles of publication, three discourses, and one political document. The book, "Why We Practice Plural Marriage," by Helen Mar Whitney, was first published in 1884. It is a spirited testimony of why plural marriage is practiced among the Saints of God. The shorted publications included within this book include an article printed in the Millennial Star by Belinda Pratt entitled The Defense of Polygamy. The second short article is by Apostle Orson Pratt entitled Twenty-Seven Rules of Celestial Marriage. The third is a publication by John Taylor title The Origin and Destiny of Woman. The fourth is actually a revelation received by president John Taylor in 1886, and aptly named the 1886 Revelation. There are three discourses herein. The first was given by Joseph F. Smith and titled Plural Marriage is Imperative for Exaltation. The second is a collection of excerpts from talks by John Taylor. The third is a discourse by apostle Parley P. Pratt and entitled Celestial Family Organization. The last section of the book includes the text of an oath which the women in Utah, in the 1800's, were required to sign in order to vote. For the thirst of a strong testimony and increased enlightening o this most interesting of subjects, the contents of this book will help to quench the parched thirsty feeling so often prevalent due to the "watering down" of so many of the hearty doctrines and teachings of years gone by.

; 6" x 9"; 162 pages

Title: Why We Practice Plural Marriage - By Mormon Wife and Mother, Helen Mar Whitney.

Author Name: Dye, David A. and Helen Mar Whiyney

Categories: LDS Doctrine and Teachings, Polygamy - Plural Marriage,

Publisher: Hindsight Publications: 2009

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