How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home

How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home

By: Skousen, Joel

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Brand new softcover book! ++ ; HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HIGH SECURITY SHELTER IN THE HOME by Joel M. Skousen. SUMMARY: The book, which includes full architectural drawings, covers design, layout, construction, ventilation, filtration, 12v lighting, escape exits, water tanks, sanitation, solar electric systems plus controls and wiring, EMP protection, radios, antennas, radiation meters and effects, concealment, stockpiling and barter Lists, plus a complete list of Equipment Sources and Costs. Over 100 pgs including plans. The plans include architectural details reinforced masonry walls and ceiling, the vault door installation. And complete instructions covering all other major systems, including electrical and plumbing notes. The shelter is designed for the do-it-yourself handyman and uses conventional materials that are readily available. The plans are designed for the person who wants to add such a shelter to an existing home or basement, but can be modified to accommodate new construction, by replacing the concrete block construction with poured cement. There is also a new chapter on Fortifying a Closet--focusing on the hardening of a typical master bedroom walk-in closet for security.

MUST READ if concerned about self-sufficiency and home security. 112 pages of practical advice on building a "hardened" and "secure" shelter. Paperback bound. Overall presenation and readability is great. Lots of nicely done drawings. "The enclosed plans and specifications provide all the essential details you need to know about in constructing a MULTI-PURPOSE, HIGH SECURITY SHELTER (MPHS) within your existing home." "This MPHS SHELTER is, in reality, a fire proof, seismic designed, VAULT ROOM with self-contained emergency living and storage facilities, complete with independent power and water supplies, filtered air, communications, and a concealed, secure entry." All you need is the book, as the author recommends that you build this structure yourself. Not only do you save on construction costs, you also can do it in privacy. He also gives lots of practical advice on what to do to your house now. This includes step by step construction advice in readable English. For example, "Install and Brace Vault Door In Place... The preferred way to ensure a solid installation of the valut door is to set it in place and construct a wood brace around it as shown in the cutaway drawing...." (and he goes on). On a more immediate level, he discusses things you can do RIGHT NOW. One example recommends a solid core door with a deadbolt for the master bedroom, so the owners can have extra critical seconds if a break in occurs. Seconds can make or break the difference in an altercation. If you can't afford the (reasonably priced) MPHS Shelter, then he also has a chapter on how to fortify a closet for even less money. He also lists suppliers and specific things to buy... These are items beyond the construction items. He recommends such items as "Aerobic 7" type of water purifier, which he recommends that one get to replace the unscented chlorine drops some people use to protect their clean static water storage. He even specifies a stock pile list. His discussion of solar, and back up electrical systems is very good. I particularly liked the information on water storage and water purification. It covered some new ground for me. Criticism: This book may recommend "too secure" a shelter for some people, although it is not that expensive. Some people would feel "embarassed" building this secret structure... Not expecting such unusual attacks. His advice includes protection from EMP, radiation effects, direct assaults. But, if you want the "best", this is it. ; 0.4 x 10.6 x 8.2 Inches; 117 pages

Title: How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home

Author Name: Skousen, Joel

Categories: Preparedness / Organizing,

Publisher: Swift Learning Resources: 1995

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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