The Sacrament of Doubt

The Sacrament of Doubt

By: Toscano, Paul James

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Brand new hardcover book! ; "Doubt and faith are twin offspring of genuine spirituality. True sprituality is a free mind that practices irony and compassion. Without doubt, faith hardens into arrogance. Without doubt, we cannot doubt ourselves, our assumptions, aspirations, expectations, and predispositions. Without self-doubt, we cannot question our righteousness; we cannot repent; we cannot forgive. Without doubt, we cannot tolerate the unfamiliar. Without doubt, we cannot criticize the power structures that serve us and afflict others." Perhaps faith is to give God the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps doubt is to restrain the narcissism of certainty. For me, the bread of doubt is as sacred as the water of faith. Together they form a Eucharist of hope, a wellspring of charity—a love that is neither partial nor sentimental, but simply the heart's desire that God's love fall like rain in equal measure upon the just and the unjust, that no one claim a blessing one would withhold from another or impose a burden one would not bear oneself." ; 0.7 x 8.1 x 5.7 Inches; 174 pages; 1560851465

Title: The Sacrament of Doubt

Author Name: Toscano, Paul James

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Publisher: Signature Books: 2007

Binding: Hardcover

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