SACRED SCRIBE - Entries from the Journals of Leonard John Nuttall

SACRED SCRIBE - Entries from the Journals of Leonard John Nuttall

By: Dye, David (edited by)

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Brand New! ; Elder L. John Nuttall was one of the most important leadership figures in the late 1800's. A convert with his parents, Elder Nuttall was the secretary for Church Presidents, and proved himself a staunch defender of the faith. He was not afraid to call things as they were, sometimes taking issue with some of the leading brethren when he felt different than they did. At the same time, his loyalty to the truth, and to the Church leaders, was beyond reproach. As is apparent from the entries, his entire life was spent serving the Saints in a forceful and magnificent manner. Whenever a task was needing to be accomplished, it was L. John Nuttall to whom the Brethren looked! In the journal entries included herein, you will be introduced, in a most fascinating way, to Church history from an insider's point of view. You will also glimpse into how the doctrinal developments of the Church evolved over the years, and especially in relation to plural marriage. Some of the exciting points you will read about include the second anointing, the process and prayers for the dedication of the St. George temple, the first lecture at the veil as given by President Brigham Young, the details of sealings, the law of consecration, burying children in garments, meeting and praying in a prayer circle with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, living on the Underground, evading US Marshals, rebaptisms, the negro and the Priesthood, the Bear Lake monster, the use of wine by Church leaders, intimate associations with early fundamentalists who continued plural marriage after the Manifesto was issued, an unpublished revelation of President Woodruff (received and recorded in 1889) , testifying in Washington DC on the issue of plural marriage, etc. ; 6" x 9"; 238 pages

Title: SACRED SCRIBE - Entries from the Journals of Leonard John Nuttall

Author Name: Dye, David (edited by)

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Publisher: Mona, Utah, The FIG Project: 2007

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