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Image for The Segregation of Israel

The Segregation of Israel

By: Kraut, Ogden

Price: $22.00  $19.80

Publisher: Dugway, Utah, Pioneer Press: 1979

Seller ID: 58592

Cover has some light edge and corner wear. ; Within the confines of the scriptures, the doctrine of segregation is one of the paramount principles of revealed religion. God continually commanded certain individuals, races or nations to gather away from or out of the world. He established definite borders and barriers to which His people have been rigidly confined or restricted. The people of the world are relatively free to do as they please, but God has imposed ... View more info

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Israel, The Lord's Chosen People

By: Lee, Dellas W.

Price: $39.75  $35.78

Publisher: Wordsworth Books: 2010

Seller ID: 57822

Brand new hardcover book! ; The place and reason for a chosen people cannot be understood except in the context of the plan of salvation. This book provides that context. It tells of ancient Israel and of latter-day Israel, and the rest of the Lord's chosen people from the beginning of time, and even before, and then on to Israel's divine destiny in the eternities to come. It tells of the divinely appointed mission of latter day Israel, namely to gather Israel and brin... View more info



By: McConkie, Clay

Price: $12.95  $11.66

Publisher: Springville, Utah USA, Cedar Fort, Inc.: 2002

Seller ID: 20876

Brand new softcover book! ; Somewhere on the earth in a place traditionally known as The Land of the North, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel exist as a nation. They are not intermingled among the different countries of the world, as some might suppose, but are living as a separate group of people at an undisclosed location. The Savior visited them following His resurrection, and the Prophet Joseph Smith revealed that John the Revelator was working among them to p... View more info

Image for Ye Have Been Hid -  Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel

Ye Have Been Hid - Finding the Lost Tribes of Israel

By: Rees, Leslie

Price: $22.50  $20.25

Publisher: Digital Legend: 2011

Seller ID: 53126

Brand new softcover book! ; The subject of the “Lost Tribes” of Israel has been of interest for generations. Especially is this true for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of the many references to them in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine in Covenants, in addition to the pronouncement of their fate in the 10th Article of Faith. Incredible myths have abounded, and unfortunately sometimes been promoted in the religious cl... View more info

Image for A Remnant Shall Return: A Latter-day study of the restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes

A Remnant Shall Return: A Latter-day study of the restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes

By: Rush, Michael B.

Price: $15.50  $13.95

Publisher: Michael B. Rush: 2016

Seller ID: 58087

Brand new softcover book! ; This book studies the latter-day restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and includes over 650 scripture citations and other references from latter-day prophets to document this amazing event that will rival the Exodus of Egypt in wonder and might. ; 8.5" x 11"; 199 pages; 9781517353513 View more info