Stories of American Explorers and Settlers

Stories of American Explorers and Settlers

By: Heard, Sarah Dow & King, M. W.

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; As little as five hundred years ago, the most learned European geographers had no idea that two continents, four times the size of Europe, existed on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. The story of the discovery and gradual exploration of the Americas is an exciting one. As exploration continued, the nations of Europe saw opportunities to expand their empires and increase their wealth by allowing settlers to establish themselves in the new-found land. So our story shifts from traditional explorers, to the exploring colonists. As more and more of the Western Hemisphere was discovered, other explorers moved inland to lay claim to more land for their mother countries. However, jealousies came about and war was the result as England, Spain and France fought one another for control of the land. With England winning control of what became the United States, discontent by the colonists regarding the way England was ruling America increased until a war was fought of independence. This book tells the story of how the United States came to be. ; 5.25" x 8.25"; 262 pages; 9780984397204

Title: Stories of American Explorers and Settlers

Author Name: Heard, Sarah Dow & King, M. W.

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Publisher: Archive Publishers: 2009

Binding: Paperback

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