Escape from Babylon - A Novel of the Events of the Last Days

Escape from Babylon - A Novel of the Events of the Last Days

By: Young, Roger K. ; Young, Susan D.

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Brand new softcover book! ; In Escape from Babylon, join with the beautiful Rachel Sinclair, a 32 year old patent attorney from Washington DC, and the mysterious Jared Davis, ex Special Forces, as they embark on the greatest adventure of all time and experience first hand those events leading up to the collapse of America, the establishment of a repressive martial law, the Mormon persecutions, the callout and gathering, the places of refuge in the tops of the mountains, the roundup of the Christian conservitives, the great changes caused by the Utah Earthquake and flood, and many more events of the last days. This fictional series follows several fictional characters as they experience, first hand, the events of the last days, leading up to and including the gathering of the righteous, the miracles, wars and destruction of the last days, the places of refuge, the changes in the earth, the great false prophet, the building of Zion, the great Holy City, the rapture, the 144,000, the Boys from the Mountain, the attack & defeat of the invading armies into America, the return of the lost ten tribes, the return of the Savior in power and great glory, the final destruction of the wicked which is the end of the world ; Zion's Refuge Series; Vol. 1; 6" x 9"; 384 pages; 9780982194669

Title: Escape from Babylon - A Novel of the Events of the Last Days

Author Name: Young, Roger K. ; Young, Susan D.

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Publisher: AVOW: 2009

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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