Secret Combinations Today - A Voice of Warning

Secret Combinations Today - A Voice of Warning

By: Hales, Robert E.

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Brand new softcover, never been read! ; This book is essential for these perilous times! It sounds the warning trumpet, alerting the Saints to imminent dangers that are rapidly crescendoing in their severity. First, the secret combinations of old, using the Book of Mormon account of Korihor as a model is examined. Teachings, tactics, methods and practices of these ancient groups are analyzed and a model is developed which can be used to identify similar organizations that exist today. Shifting the focus to the present, warnings concerning the individual and the family are presented. Next, the view widens to the citizens of the United States. Then the panorama is broadened again to get a worldwide perspective. The book warns of conspiracies on the individual level, related to sexual perversions, homosexuality, abortion, pornography, drugs and Satan worship. At the family level, attacks on family unity and the traditional nuclear family are discussed. Challenges to parenting, child and spouse abuse, and problems in moderns education are illuminated. Terrorism, organized crime, gangs and political corruption are discussed on a broader level. Significant questions about the nation's vulnerability in connection with its monetary policies and serious indebtedness are raised. The history of the Federal Reserve System is examined. The way taxes are used to control the people and the pulpits of the nation is exposed. Opposing views concerning the sanctity and instrumentality of the U. S. Constitution are also presented. On an international level, the warning cry is raised concerning the rapid move toward one world government. This movement's impact is examined in therms of international finance and banking, environmental concerns, population control, youth education, control of civil unrest and the right to bear arms, and international control of religion. The final chapter is a series of recommendations to individual latter-day Saints suggesting appropriate ways to work towards the preservation of their freedoms. Surely, no book can be no more appropriate for these tumultuous last days that Secret Combinations Today: A Voice of Warning. ; 6" x 9"; 192 pages

Title: Secret Combinations Today - A Voice of Warning

Author Name: Hales, Robert E.

Categories: Pornography, Addiction and Recovery,

Publisher: Springville, UT, Cedar Fort, Inc.: 2005

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

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