A Mormon Fifty


An Exhibition in the Harold B. Lee Library


In Conjunction with the


Annual Conference of the Mormon History Association



Selected by Peter Crawley and Chad Flake


In 1984 the BYU Library held a presentation wherein Peter Crawley and Chad Flake choose 50 "significant" Mormon books or tracts that were more than mere "rarities" but rather marked important historical events.


Books a re here listed in Order of importance


1.    The Book of Mormon. Palmyra, Grandin Book: 1830.

2.    The Evening and Morning Star. Independence, Missouri:  June 1832 - July 1833; Kirland, Ohio: Dec 1833 - Sept 1834.

3.    A book of Commandments.  Zion, W.W. Phelps: 1833.

4.    Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate, Kirtland, Ohio: Oct 1834 -Sept 1837

5.    Doctrine and Covenants. Kirtland, Ohio: 1835

6.    To be completed