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Plan of Salvation

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THE BARBER'S SONG, Bassett, K. Douglas

Bassett, K. DouglasNew in New dust jacket, Cedar Fort Incorporated, 2005, 


Brand New Book. ; The Barber’s Song is the story of a family plunged into the refiner’s fire—battling, growing, and sharing the lessons of their difficult journey together. Filled with faith and hope, this moving narrative gives readers an eternal perspective on their earthly sojourn. “People often speak of life and death as if these two concepts were mutually exclusive, ” writes best-selling author K. Douglas Bassett. “This book is an attempt to bring together life and death—the latter being an extension of the former. More than just being connected, I believe they flow into each other. ”Written for those who need answers or edification regarding their own mortality or the mortality of someone they love, The Barber’s Song is an affirmation of the reality of eternal life and the power of the Atonement, which paves way for the ultimate family reunion. Doug Bassett has crafted a message that sinks deep into the heart of those who are willing to risk loving another person completely. The Barber’s Song can help readers get and keep their priorities straight. ; 0.83 x 8.56 x 6.06 Inches; 208 pages, 


Price: 16.95 USD 15.26 USD 
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LIFE EVERLASTING -  A Definitive Study of Life after Death, Crowther, Duane S
2 LIFE EVERLASTING - A Definitive Study of Life after Death

Crowther, Duane SVery Good+ in Very Good- dust jacket, Bookcraft, 1986, Salt Lake City, UT


Yellow cover, slight edge and corner wear, inside light message written on the inside fornt cover, some underlining. Good Condition! Previous owner name inside front cover. ; Life Everlasting is a fascinating examination of man's future life from the time of death until his entry into the heavenly realms. The book reaches beyond the commonplace to give profound new insights into the nature of the life to come. This book examines eyewitness accounts of more than 200 individuals who have ventured into the spirit world and have then returned to tell of their experiences. It also draws extensively from the scriptures and from the discourses of Latter-day Saint leaders. As the evidence of these accounts is analyzed, numerous new understandings are revealed to the reader. Within these pages are vivid descriptions of spirit-world conditions including buildings, landscaping, wearing apparel, organization, occupations, and Church callings. Many instructive descriptions of the amazing capabilities of spirit beings are provided. Of special interest are the vivid descriptions of Jesus Christ as He has appeared to many who have entered into Paradise. The numerous roles of spirit beings who visit the earth, as Gardian Angels and in other capacities, are described in detail. The factors which govern man's time of death are discussed, and the nature of man's "new birth" into the next life is described in detail by those who have experienced it. Life Everlasting peers into the spirit prison and hell and reports conditions in those environments. Then it sweeps forward in time to analyze the nature of the resurrections and final judgment. A careful consideration of the final rewards available to man is made, with detailed and spcific coverage of the fate of the sons of perdition and the destinies of the inhabitants of the telestial, terrestrial and celestial kingdoms. The final chapter is a penetrating explanation of the nature of godhood and exaltation. Few books have ever combined such a wealth of now concepts and interesting information with the careful presentation, documentation and scholarship of Life Everlasting. Latter-day Saints will find strong evidences which confirm their beliefs in the afterlife. Others, no matter what their religious oriention, will find Life Everlasting to be one of the most far-reaching, comprehensive presentations of life-after-death experiences in print. It is inevitable that this book will continue to be widely read and discussed for many years to come. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; 399 pages, 


Price: 11.00 USD 9.90 USD 
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WHO AM I?, Dyer, Alvin R.

Dyer, Alvin R.Very Good in Very Good dust jacket, Deseret Book, 1970, Salt Lake City, UT


Cover has some light edge and corner wear. Price Clipped Dust jacket. ; Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my destiny? This book gives the author's answers to these age-old questions that have perplexed man from the beginning of time. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; 589 pages, 


Price: 17.00 USD 15.30 USD 
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When Souls Had Wings -   Pre-Mortal Existence in Western Thought, Givens, Terryl
4 When Souls Had Wings - Pre-Mortal Existence in Western Thought

Givens, TerrylNew, Oxford University Press, 2009, USA


Brand new hardcover book! ; The idea of the pre-existence of the soul has been extremely important, widespread, and persistent throughout Western history--from even before the philosophy of Plato to the poetry of Robert Frost. When Souls Had Wings offers the first systematic history of this little explored feature of Western culture.

Terryl Givens describes the tradition of pre-existence as "pre-heaven"--the place where unborn souls wait until they descend to earth to be born. And typically it is seen as a descent--a falling away from a happier and untroubled state into the turbulent and sinful world we know. The title of the book refers to the idea put forward in antiquity that our souls begin with wings, and that only after shedding those wings do we fall to earth. The book not only traces the history of the idea of pre-existence, but also captures its meaning for those who have embraced it. Givens describes how pre-existence has been invoked to explain "the better angels of our nature," including the human yearning for transcendence and the sublime. Pre-existence has been said to account for why we know what we should not know, whether in the form of a Greek slave's grasp of mathematics, the moral sense common to humanity, or the human ability to recognize universals. The belief has explained human bonds that seem to have their own mysterious prehistory, salved the wounded sensibility of a host of thinkers who could not otherwise account for the unevenly distributed pain and suffering that are humanity's common lot, and has been posited by philosophers and theologians alike to salvage the principle of human freedom and accountability.

When Souls had Wings underscores how durable (and controversial) this idea has been throughout the history of Western thought, the theological dangers it has represented, and how prominently it has featured in poetry, literature, and art.; 1.3 x 9.3 x 6.2 Inches; 400 pages; 0195313909, 


Price: 99.95 USD 89.96 USD 
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THE MAN ADAM, McConkie, Joseph Fielding and Robert L. Millet

McConkie, Joseph Fielding and Robert L. MilletVery Good in Very Good dust jacket, Bookcraft, 1990, Salt Lake City, UT


Cover has some light edge and corner wear. Gift Inscription to previous owner inside front cover. ; 6" x 9"; 212 pages; 0884947246, First Edition, 


Price: 95.00 USD 85.50 USD 
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THE LIFE BEYOND, Millet, Robert L. & McConkie, Joseph F.

Millet, Robert L. & McConkie, Joseph F.New, Deseret Book, 2004, Salt Lake City, UT


Brand New!; For ages poets and philosophers have tried to explain death, to give comfort, to soften despair. The Life Beyond shows how the Restoration changed despair to understanding, opening our eyes to the majesty of the plan of salvation. Included in this book are insights to the three degrees of glory, the spirit world, missionary work here and hereafter, and temple work. The authors also explore questions all of us have pondered: What do spirits know? What it is the purpose of ministering angels? How will those of less than normal mental powers be judged? Here is clear evidence of our eternal nature and our glorious potential in that life beyond mortality. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; 208 pages; 1590382560, 


Price: 16.99 USD 15.29 USD 
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Why God Lets Us Choose - How Agency Explains the Way Life Works, Nadauld, Stephen D.
7 Why God Lets Us Choose - How Agency Explains the Way Life Works

Nadauld, Stephen D.New in New dust jacket, Deseret Book, 2009, Salt Lake City, UT


Brand new hardcover book! ; Why does God let us choose? Why don't we always see the consequences of our actions? Why is God willing to allow our decisions, knowing we will make wrong choices? It's about agency.

Elder Stephen D. Nadauld answers these-and other-questions about this most integral of God's gifts:

* Is agency really free?
* How can agency help me get the mout out of life?
* Can agency affect how well we learn?
* How does agency influence society as a whole?
* Does agency help me understand today's political issues-and can it help me see the consequences of my choice?
* What effect does agency have on the economy?
* Do my choices really affect my descendants?
* Can understanding agency help me understand the workings of the Spirit?
* Can agency draw me closer to God?

Understanding the answers to these questions and exercising our agency wisely brings us closer to God. Ultimately, the choice placed before us is to choose Him. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; 202 pages; 160641030X, 


Price: 23.95 USD 21.56 USD 
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Nelson, Russell M.New in New dust jacket, Deseret Book, 1995, Salt Lake City, UT


Brand New!; Even Latter-day Saints, with knowledge of the plan of salvation, often have trouble coping with the idea of death. In this book, Elder Russell M. Nelson discusses death from the unique perspective of a medical doctor and as an apostle. "Our purpose in life is to be tested, to develop faith, to make and keep sacred covenants, and later, to leave. "He offers reassurance about this experience and what follows, and he gives comfort and counsel to those who face death or the loss of a loved one and answers puzzling questions. ; 8.75 x 0.5 x 6.25 Inches; 112 pages; 0875799531, 


Price: 21.99 USD 19.79 USD 
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THE LORD'S WAY, Oaks, Dallin H.

Oaks, Dallin H.New, Deseret Book, 1991, Salt Lake City, UT


Brand New!; The Lord has outlined the purpose and goal of mortality: “to bring to pass the immortaility and eternal life of man” (Moses 1: 39). His plan — the plan of salvation — decrees that the Father's children will pass through mortality, where they can exercise their agency and be tested “to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them ” (Abraham 3: 25). “The choices the children of God make in the exercise of their agency are made in the face of opposition, ” explains Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Council of the Twelve Apostles, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In The Lord's Way, he constrasts the ways of the Lord with the ways or methods of the world in resolving such issues as these: What is the relationship between learning by study (reason) and learning by faith (revelation) — and when should each be used? What is the difference between the proofs of science and the signs or miracles that the Lord has told us we should not seek? How should we care for the poor among us? Why should we avoid contention? When are we justified in participating in litigation? Why should we refrain from faultfinding and evil-speaking, and how should we resolve differences with others, especially leaders? How does church discipline differ from civil or criminal procedures? “When it comes to the work of the Lord and his purposes, it is not enough to obtain a good result — it must be done in the right way, ” Elder Oaks declares. That is the Lord's way. ; 6" x 9"; 259 pages; 0875799604, 


Price: 19.99 USD 17.99 USD 
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Ridges, David J.New, Cedar Fort, Inc., 2005, Springville, Utah USA

Audio CD

Brand new Audio Cd. ; "Understand the Plan of Salvation as never before! Noted author, teacher, and gospel scholar David J. Ridges brings “the great plan of happiness” (Alma 42: 8) , to life with his well-known teaching skills in this important contribution to understanding the Plan of Salvation. A Powerful Study GuideQuickly gain an overview of the big picture of the Plan of Salvation with this simple, straightforward approach to understanding the basics of the plan. Become a student in the “classroom” of one of today’s most popular gospel authors by taking the pretest in chapter one, and by following the question-answer format used throughout the book. Learn important doctrines, including details about premortal life, intelligence, spirit birth, the Atonement, the Council in Heaven, the War in Heaven, the Creation, the Fall, the veil, mortality, the postmortal spirit world, paradise, spirit prison, the Second Coming, the Millennium, the binding of Satan, resurrection, the “little season, ” the Battle of Gog and Magog, final judgment, qualifications for outer darkness, qualifications for each degree of glory, exaltation and godhood. " (Cedar Fort); Audio CD; Audio CD, 


Price: 24.95 USD 22.46 USD 
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PostMortal Spirit World - Our Next Temporary Home - Compendium of Questions and Answers, Sheffield, Mark W.
11 PostMortal Spirit World - Our Next Temporary Home - Compendium of Questions and Answers

Sheffield, Mark W.New in New dust jacket, Shiloh Press Inc., 2011, San Jose, CA


Brand new hardcover book! Approximately 250 pages. ; Easy to follow compendium of extensive research on the Postmortal Spirit World. Includes quotes from numerous prophets and scholars. High-quality, hardbound edition that many will want in their home library.

230 questions answered with extensive notes and sources. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; Unpaginated pages; 9780982914748, 


Price: 29.50 USD 26.55 USD 
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Man His Origin and Destiny, Smith, Joseph Fielding
12 Man His Origin and Destiny

Smith, Joseph FieldingVery Good with no dust jacket, Deseret Book, 1954, Salt Lake City, UT


Maroon hard cover is very slightly edge worn. Previous owner name inside front cover. ; Science Evolution and Mormonism. ; 6.25" x 9.25"; 563 pages, 


Price: 19.00 USD 17.10 USD 
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The God Seed; Probing the Mystery of Spiritual Development, Thomas, M. Catherine
13 The God Seed; Probing the Mystery of Spiritual Development

Thomas, M. CatherineNew, Digital Legend Press, 2014, 


Brand new softcover book! ; We believe many things but don't always know how to implement them. We believe that human beings can grow into Gods; we accept the importance of coming to Christ and also of awakening our divine attributes and powers -- but how to do that seems obscure. Likely a list of spiritual to-do's ceases to serve. So we may find ourselves seeking a more fulfilling path -- but where to set our foot?

In recent years, studies in adult developmental psychology have cast unexpected light on the path to Godhood. They illustrate that human beings already possess the potent seeds for unfolding into more highly developed beings. We learn that spiritual practices can shape the mind into and instrument for facilitating spiritual growth and experience, that is, for continuing from "grace to grace." Along the way, venturing into the unknown, we shed false concepts about ourselves, about our reality, and about God Himself.

The purpose of this book is to explore the path of spiritual development.

; 9 X 6 X 2 inches; 327 pages; 9781937735807, 


Price: 22.95 USD 20.66 USD 
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OPENING THE HEAVENS - Accounts of Divine Manifestations 1820-1844, Welch, John W.
14 OPENING THE HEAVENS - Accounts of Divine Manifestations 1820-1844

Welch, John W.New, Brigham Young University, 2011, Salt Lake City, UT


Brand new softcover book! ; "Opening the Heavens allows readers to decide for themselves about certain key events of the Restoration ... All the crucial documents are laid open for inspection with enough commentary to put them in context. For serious students of Latter-day Saint history, nothing could be more helpful—and inspiring."
—Richard Lyman Bushman

"The categorizing of a large number of primary sources makes it easy to analyze the particular events that are so crucial to an informed study of Mormon origins...For those who seek inspiration and for the historian, it is a valuable resource."
—Daniel P. Dwyer, Journal of Mormon History

"Included are chapters on the first vision, the book of Mormon, the restoration of the priesthood, visionary experiences, the restoration of temple keys and powers, and succession in the presidency. These are not matters of minor historical detail; they go rather to the very heart of the truth claims made by the church and therefore to its reason for being...Everyone with an interest in the origins of Mormonism, whether as a matter of faith or simply as an academic interest, should read this book."
—Kevin L. Barney, FARMS Review

Think what New Testament scholars would give to have access to a single letter that Mary wrote about the raising of Lazarus. We have many such documents that relate to the Restoration of the gospel in our dispensation. Opening the Heavens records hundreds of accounts of divine manifestations relating to the Restoration — events that strengthen our faith and expand our knowledge of Church History. Did you know for instance, that there are ten recorded accounts of the first vision from the lifetime of Joseph Smith? That there are seventy-one documents that deal directly with priesthood restoration? This volumes brings together, for the first time, all of the known documents from Joseph Smith's lifetime relating directly to key events of the Restoration that were accompanied by divine manifestations. These first hand accounts uniquely convey the spirit of these important occasions and provide precious details that help modern readers construct a vivid image of what transpired.

The First Vision
The Earliest Documented Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision —Dean C. Jessee
The Appearance of the Father and the Son to Joseph Smith in 1820 —James B. Allen and John W. Welch
The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon
The Miraculous Translation of the Book of Mormon —John W. Welch
The Restoration of the Priesthood
Seventy Contemporaneous Priesthood Restoration Documents -Brian Q. Cannon and BYU Studies Staff
Visions upon Visions
Parting the Veil: Joseph Smith's Seventy-six Documented Visionary Experiences -Alexander L. Baugh
The Restoration of Temple Keys and Powers
"A Pentecost and Endowment Indeed": Six Eyewitness Accounts of the Kirtland Temple Experience —Steven C. Harper
The Succession in the Presidency
The Mantle of the Prophet Joseph Passes to Brother Brigham: One Hundred Twenty-one Testimonies of a Collective Spiritual Witness —Lynne Watkins Jorgensen
Other Documented Key Events
Further Early Church Historical Documents Originally Published in BYU Studies
Historical Name Index

; 6" x 9"; 500 pages, 


Price: 19.99 USD 17.99 USD 
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Trailing Clouds of Glory -  First Person Glimpses Into Premortailty, Widdison, Harold A.
15 Trailing Clouds of Glory - First Person Glimpses Into Premortailty

Widdison, Harold A.New, Cedar Fort, Inc., 2011, 


Brand new softcover book! ; Join Harold A. Widdison in his search for answers to the first great question of our existence: "Where did I come from?" In Trailing Clouds of Glory, Widdison intersperses an insightful review of our doctrinal understanding of our pre-mortal existence with first-hand accounts bearing on premortal life.; 1.2 x 8.8 x 5.9 Inches; 432 pages; 0882907727, 


Price: 21.98 USD 19.78 USD 
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